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We can repair any rotten or damaged joinery and make it as good as new (better in many cases) using the best techniques and materials.  We can also provide a materials and maintenance schedule to keep it in excellent condition. (One of the paints we use has a minimum 10 year re-coat cycle)

We can get most pieces back to a very sound condition while preserving their patina.  We have samples and many more photographs of our work than we can show. Here are just a few examples of our repair and restoration work.

Click on the image below to see a large image.

Sash Window
DCC Table Repair
Teak Turret Clock
DCC Lift Repair
Walnut Clock Case
Leather Chair




With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and that of our specialist building trade colleagues, we can assess your problems and requirements and provide you with a report listing appropriate techniques and materials and recommend trades people.  Many building trades have a very limited knowledge of techniques and skills particularly regarding pre 1930’s buildings and the use of lime, many would rather hide a problem or do a poor quality replacement rather than repair it. So before you decide from limited options contact us for advice.


We can design joinery and prepare drawings for planning approval and recommend building and design professionals and structural engineering professionals. Give us a call as we have many more photo's of projects which we can email to you on request.

Speedwell Mill
Carved Oak Clock Repair